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AI.Marketing – How To Earn $100 Per Day From Home – Passive Income – Start to Invest with FREE $50 Gift Certificate



✅ 2. Then, to go to registration, press “Sign In, Sign Up”, after pressing “sign up/sign in” 4 icons will pop up, click the BLUE ICON on the left with an icon resembling a BRAIN.

✅ 3. “Register now” and enter the data, the application will ask for the following: -first name and last name -e-mail -password

✅ 4. Congratulations, you have created an account.

✅ 5. The robot will ask what should I call you? (answer by entering your names then click on introduce myself.

✅ 6. If the amount of the certificate did not appear on the ‘’ads balance’’ automatically, go to the “TOP UP” tab, and in the payment methods select “GIFT CERTIFICATE” Copy and Paste this code to get $50 TO START your marketing bot👇

➡️ 00Z2-G1RN-10WY-RICL ⬅

✅ 7. Bot will start working and will start earning within 48-72 hours after the process is done. Monitor your bot and see you’re earning information in the statistics tab.

✅ 8. The first payout must be greater than 100$ and later on can be topped up with a minimum of 10$.

✅ 9 . If you used the code for a 50$ Gift Certificate to try the platform, however, it must be returned. So you are left with about 25$-35$ which is already earned for you.

✅ 10. Although the website has been operating since 2017, it should be remembered that each investment involves risk, so we do not invest all of our savings. Strategy and movement will be on your will as soon as your bot starts working.

✅ 11. When waiting for CASH-BACK, it will be shown on the virtual card as “PENDING”, and when the CASH-BACK is ready to be withdrawn or reinvested, it will appear as “YOUR CASHBACK”. Usually, the waiting time is 30 to 40 days.

✅ 12. When we invest, the money invested always at the beginning will appear above the virtual card next to the word “Ads Balance”, after 48-72 hours when the top-up is already received, the amount will be added to “ADVERTISING BUDGET” and the bot status will appear “WORKING”. Earn up to 35% cashback!


👉The Website has been running since 2017👈
👉 The Website Robot is in English 👈
👉When it is funded with advertising funds, it works 24/7👈
👉Minimum investment of $ 50 👈
👉Bot makes money for you. You don’t need to do anything unless you recommend 👈

My advice is to invest at least $100.

By referring your friends (optional) to the site you’ll earn 5% on their investment.

With $100 investment:

After 3 months we end up with $246. After 6 months we are back with $605. After 12 months we end up with $3,664.

With $200 investment:

After 3 months we end up with $492. After 6 months we find ourselves with $1,210. After 12 months we end up with $7,328.

The company has been paying its users since 2019.

For any questions or help, please contact us.